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Welcome to Central Alberta TV

In order to view the live stream in Internet Explorer, remember to click the yellow info bar, or in Windows 8 the pop up at the bottom to allow this webpage access to windows media.

All other web browsers such as FireFox, Safari and Google Chrome may require 3rd party plugins to view streaming windows media video. We recommend Google Chrome for the best security and compatibility. The WMV plugin can be downloaded by clicking HERE.

MAC users may need to install a plugin called Flip4Mac, which will enable Windows Media content on your MAC operating system. It may be obtained HERE.

Although we make it our best effort to balance quality vs. streaming performance, some Internet Service Providers only allow a 4-10 MB burst speed, after which they "throttle" your speed down. Speed test sites may show you a "3.0 mbps" data transfer rate (for example), but they only test the first 4 MB (signifigantly smaller than any video content), and as a result anything larger than that my slow down to as low as "0.50 mbps" which is too slow for streaming video. We are not able to guarantee your ISP is able to provide sufficient speed to properly stream video, however if you are experiencing buffering issues, please contact your ISP to see if your internet package supports real time streaming or if they are able to adjust your overall download rates to support it. We are sorry for any inconvenience that is a result of your ISP's bandwidth policies.
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